New Beginnings

It's time to move. In order to be a little more private and to make a fresh start this blog will now move elsewhere. Those who want the new address, please email me at:
desiwitchblog AT gmail DOT com
I promise not to spam you with newsletters containing latest offers, products and competitions from carefully selected third party companies or their marketing programmes.

I know it's a royal pain to have to email me and I hope you understand that as far as possible I'd like to make the connection between this blog and my new one as vague as possible.

Thank you SO SO SO very much for the incredible support you have given me through my angst and turmoil. I am not exaggerating when I say that you girls have kept me sane and helped me heal faster that I normally would have.

A miffed reader

Email from IBF:

omg omg! just read your blog! gosh, im so touched at how accepting ur blog readers are :))

altho im a bit miffed they thought it was the bff and not the ibf! wtf!

Happy Mothers Day

To my mother.

Who put up with labour pains.
Who cleaned my pee & my poo.
Who gave up her favourite foods,
so I could eat more of them - because they were my favourites too.
Who sang me lullabies.
Who fed me a teaspoon of yogurt,
before every exam I took - for good luck.
Who picked out the onions and tomatoes
from my plate because I used to be a fussy eater.
Who cries when I am in pain.
Who beat me up when I was naughty.
Who combed my hair and tied my laces.
Who taught me the joys of reading.
Who showed me the worth of money
And education.
Who gave me my OCDs of not touching things in public places.
Who shoves almonds and raisins in my mouth, even now,
because "they are good for you".
Who set the bar so high, I don't think I can ever reach it.

Happy Mothers Day, Dearest Mama.

Makadi ka aadmi aur reth ka dushman

Ok, all you snooty Hollywood aficionados have lost the right to make fun of Bollywood movies. I just got back from watching Spiderman 3 and have developed a serious case of arachnophobia. Why, Spidey, why? My favourite superhero has been ruined by this third episode in the spidery superhero saga.
It was replete with cheesy scenes and oh-so-so-predictable twists and turns. Dripping with forced sentimentality and sickly sweet moral preaching, this was a huge disappointment. By the end of the first 50 minutes or so I was like "Just die, already Spidey".

Sad Sad Sad.


Is this sexist or is it just me?

"Is the Gujarat police so impotent that it had to kill a woman in cold blood?"
This dialogue on the Times of India - apparently started by the editor - confuses me.
Are they implying that men who are impotent are likely to kill women? Or that men who are potent are not killers? Or that the police force only comprises of men?
Why do men associate everything with the size, shape, and/or functional efficacy of their Penis?

When India made an early exit from the World Cup, I watched an irate fan say on some desi channel " Unko chudiyaan pehenke wapas aana chahiye". [They should wear bangles when they return.]
Meaning what? That women are losers? "Real" men can't lose?

Sorry for the rant. I just got another "Life for single women is so tough and filled with sharks" talk from my folks yesterday. And it made me mad that rather than having faith in my ability to look after myself, my parents want me to rush into another marriage or atleast "think about it". So I'm highly sensitive to the "women are weak" type of remarks right now.

And what's with the sharks? I mean, where did that analogy come from?


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